Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran India, Malaysia (6198/97)
Wisma PRIMAS, No. 25, 2nd Floor,
Jalan Dato' Haji Eusoff, Kompleks Damai,
Off Jalan Ipoh, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

+603-4041 2671
9am-5pm (Mon-Fri)



What is Koperasi Pengusaha Restoran India Malaysia Berhad?

Koperasi Pengusaha Restoran India Malaysia Bhd is a Cooperative for restaurant owners. aimed to improve the economic interests of its members though activities carried out based on Cooperative principles. It is registered under cooperative act 1993 (Registered no. W-5-0738).

Primary Objective

  • To encourage savings.
  • To provide opportunity to borrow loan.
  • To provide group insurance scheme.
  • To undertake consumer activities such as restaurants, grocery store to sell food and drinks.
  • To create businessman and to provide vocational training.
  • To involve in business and social welfare activities for the benefits of the members.
  • To became members of other cooperatives and to develop business activities.

Qualification To Become a Member

  • Must be Citizen of Malaysia.
  • Must be 18 yrs old and above.
  • A person who lives within the area of operation of the cooperative or owns a land within.
  • A person who has registered criminal records or mentally distured person or deciared as a bankruptcy or sacked from other cooperatives within a period of one year are not eligible to become a member.


Only members of the Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran Indial Malaysia can join as a Member. To apply, please download, fill up and e-mail us the application form below

What are the Activities the cooperative can undertake?

Can involve in wholesale activities which products is restricted such as rice, sugar, flour, oil etc.
Buying, Selling, Transfer to ownership, Own the properties, to rent, to mortgage, to deposit and to own the movable and immovable properties.
In accordance to cooperative act 54, the surplus funds can be invested into other ventures with prior approval of the SKM.
In accordance to cooperative act 19, the cooperative may form subsidiaries with the approval of SK.

Saving Plans


One share will be RM100.00, every member is encouraged to save minimum of 10 shares (10 X RM100.00 = RM1000.00). Members willing to purchase more than 10 shares are welcome.


Apart from share savings, Members are also encourage to save in special saving scheme. They may withdraw them with prior notice to the Koperasi.


The cooperative is also allowed to receive Deposits and Loans from members. The cooperative may also receive Deposits and Loans from non members with prior approval of SKM.

All savings are kept in bank with proper receipts and account details. The officials from SKM wil visit to supervise the cooperative monthly and do the auditing once a year.

Cooperative Structure & Management

  • In accordance to coperative act 36, this cooperatives absolute power will be with delegates of AGM. As mentioned in the by law. all qualified members of this cooperative will attend the AGM. Every delegate will have a voting rights.
  • AGM of delegates will be two types; One will be AGM of delegates and other is Extraordinary AGM of delegates
  • In accordance to Cooperative act 37, the Board may decide the area and call for area AGM to elect the delegates to attend the AGM of delegates. An every area AGM must be attended with minimum of 20 members
  • To elect the delegates from the members of the area should follow the percentage: For every 20 members one delegate; Total delegates from an area shouldn't exceed to more than five

Management Of The Cooperative Activities

In accordance to Cooperative Act 42, sub section-D,(1), and accordance to By-law 33, this cooperatives Management activities will be undertaken by nine Board members of the KoPerasi. The Board members of the Cooperative will be elected in accordance to by-law 33, by the AGM of Delegates.